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Trying Aardvark

I received a invitation today – Vark being short for Aardvark which is the hot new startup in the search field. The concept is simple, yet it is something that the big boys of search have yet to tap into – that being real time search within your network of friends. Services such as Twitter offer a similar opportunity and could very well take off and leave Vark in the dust – but the problem with Twitter is that those searches can be impacted by spammers as they begin to become more common in the service.

I tried out Aardvark for a while today and it is a cool service – it will become even more useful if my friends join, which is kind of the point, but the other cool feature of Aardvark is that they farm out the questions to other users as well.

Aardvark represents one of the reasons that Brosix Enterprise Messaging is something that I recommend to my friends and colleagues. I use Brosix regularly because it offers real time features and capabilities that email doesn’t offer and it one-up’s telephones because it offers a number of features including multi-tasking (ie-talking to more than one person), screen sharing, whiteboard, etc.

Check out and also keep an eye on Aardvark when it goes public!