Skype Fan Here

Skype has enormous potential and really should be seen as one of the clear winners of web 2.0. People tend to allow Skype’s success to be obscured by just how much eBay paid for it many years ago but currently it has hundreds of millions in revenue – it also seems to be profitable. The service is now making its way on to phones which is great to see for fans of the product.

One of the reasons I believe that Skype should continue to grow is that my own Grandmother, who is not tech savvy, has become a die hard fan of the service. I had to download the service, set up her account, and show her how to use it.

With that said she LOVES it and uses Skype to talk to her grandchildren, including me.

If my 62 year old Grandmother uses Skype then it has a future!

It will be most interesting to see how it makes the transition to mobile phones. Vodafone creating a Skype-based phone was in the news today, for example.

They are trying to break into enterprise messaging but my interest in them as far as enterprise goes is not in line with their free product. When it comes to business I like to keep personal and public apart which is why I tend to prefer Brosix Enterprise Messaging. For more information on Brosix go to