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Why does enterprise messaging matter?

In 1960 when you showed up at a new office for your first day of work you would probably get a typewriter or a Secretary with a typewriter, notepads and pens, and perhaps a telephone.

In 1995 you might have received a computer, in 2000 you almost certainly would have. You would probably received an extension number or direct line for your phone and an email address by 2000.

It is now 2009 and we haven’t gone far beyond that.

In an age when nearly everyone is using instant messaging at home – why hasn’t it become more popular in the workplace?

Some people view it as a time waster, some IT departments do not want to set up another server or add an Instant Messaging client to their server, other companies view it as too expensive or do not see the need.

I personally believe that their thinking is wrong. Brosix Enterprise Messaging allows you to control your network, they host the server for their clients, and it is very cost effective. Check out the Brosix Blog and Brosix website for more.

It is high past time that new employees begin receiving IM screen names as well!