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Twitter Worm Underscores Need for Security

The new worms ripping through Twitter have yet to break into the mainstream tech media but from well documented sources it appears evident that hackers have now slipped into the Twitter-verse – as they have every other part of the internet at this point. This will not impact Twitter’s growing popularity, or shouldn’t at any rate, and it should not impact their plans to monetize.

It has become increasingly clear that a large portion of their monetization plans lie in search, partnerships such as ExecTweets and, plus the possibility of enterprise accounts in terms of providing “sentiment engines” and officially branded Twitter pages.

Enterprise communication does not appear to be in the plans for Twitter, but a number of start ups including Yammer.

Events like these drive home the point that security is of paramount importance in our online life – and of paramount importance in our enterprise life. This should also drive home the point that we absolutely have to be careful when trusting any and all business communications to free services – whether they are GMail-type services, Twitter, or AOL IM.

That is why I always recommend using Brosix Enterprise Messaging for companies that want to seize the moment in Instant Messaging but wish to insure absolute security. You control your network in Brosix so you will not be attacked by spammers or worms unless one of your employees goes rogue.