Portable Messaging and More.

Portable Messaging

It is becoming quite apparent that smart phones are the wave of the future – at least smart-er phones that is. Portable messaging has almost taken the place of voice chatting for many young folks. Almost every messaging program now has a portable version – Brosix Enterprise Messaging is no exception!

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The great thing about Brosix is that it offers excellent security options, collaborative features, and the like. Check it out and see if you prefer Brosix Portable Messaging to portable versions of gChat, AIM, and others.

Brosix Free Trial

Brosix also offers a free trial if you go to which is priceless for businesses. One of the reasons I would suggest using out the Brosix free trial for your business is that it can help test out the client for your older folks who sometimes oppose new technology more than they should.

With my parents, for example, they opposed email for years. Then last year my Mother had me set her up with an email account now we email daily, it has brought us closer together. I imagine many older folks who might resist enterprise messaging would change their tunes if they tried it out!