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Tweetie for Mac!

One of the problems that people have with Twitter is that User Interface (UI) is just not that appealing to a lot of folks. It also doesn’t make keeping up with conversations particularly easy. Luckily for Mac users, at least, Tweetie recently launched. It is the latest in a long line of third party app’s for Twitter which improve upon the user experience of the fast growing service.

Wired probably put it best when they said, “Developed by AteBits, Tweetie’s interface is so clean you would think it came straight out of Apple headquarters.”

I highly recommend checking it out.

One of the questions that I have for Twitter is when they are going to take a page from the third party developers and improve upon the UI themselves. Their are a number of changes that they could make which would make the learning curve less stout for new users. My great fear is that they’ll rely on their explosive growth to the detriment of the service – ie: they’ll let the experience stagnate because users are joining.

Having done work for Brosix I know that people want a clean looking UI. Thankfully the Brosix Enterprise Messaging team is hard at work on future editions that will not only work better, but they’ll look better too!